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Doing business with India 

The role of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the upgradation of technology, skills and managerial capabilities is now well accepted. Additional investments, over and above the investments possible with the available domestic resources, help in providing much needed employment opportunities. 

India's foreign investment policy has been formulated with a view to inviting and encouraging FDI into India. The process of regulation and approval has been substantially liberalised. FDI under automatic route is permitted in most activities/sectors, except a few where prior approval of the Government is required. 

Government of India welcomes FDI in all sectors where it is permitted, especially for development of infrastructure, technological upgradation of Indian industry through 'greenfield' investments and in projects having the potential of creating employment opportunities on a large scale. Investment for setting up Special Economic Zones (SEZs) and establishing manufacturing units are also welcomed. 

To know more about India's FDI policy and procedures please visit a site dedicated for this purpose, which can be found here. 

In New Zealand a pre-eminent fora dedicated to India-NZ business, trade and investment is the India New Zealand Business Council , established in 1988. INZBC runs regular events on India-NZ matters. 

Finally we highly reccomend a publication tittled India - A Dynamic Business Partner. This provides a comprehensive treatment of the opportunities in India across all sectors.